Marine Insurance

RSA has the strongest product offering of any multinational marine insurer.

Our wide range of marine and transport insurance coverage and risk management solutions cover all types of risks.

RSA ranks 6th in the transport insurance market in France. A team of experienced underwriters with local decision-making power, benefiting from the expertise and support of the entire RSA Group, is exclusively available to our clients.


Our hull offer covers ship owners and fleet operators of all sizes. RSA is also a market leader in providing insurance for shipyards worldwide.

  • French and foreign hull insurance
  • War Risks
  • Operating loss.

Our preferred targets :

  • Commercial ships
  • Construction risks
  • Passenger Ships
  • Fishing fleet
  • Fluvial.


Our Cargo offer is aimed at all types of goods, combining Stock &Transit, Project cargo and Operating Loss covers.

  • Worldwide underwriting and technical support
  • UK and overseas insurance policies and risk transfer premiums
  • Worldwide claims and recourse management
  • International risk management.


We offer top-rate guarantees, adapted to transport professionals' challenges as well as to new underwater technologies.

Logisticians, transporters and commissioning agents

What we offer our clients is the consolidation of their liability risks (contractual, professional and operational) and international support through the implementation of liability programs.


Ports and port terminal operators, cargo handlers

What we offer our customers is a packaged offer, in which we integrate liability guarantees, complemented by machine breakdown and property damage. More simplicity, for greater efficiency and responsiveness.

Nautical Professionals / Shipyards

We offer our clients a packaged contract (Liability, Property Damage, Ship Damage, Legal Protection).

Christophe Tirard

Christophe Tirard

Marine Underwriting Leader
t: +33 (0)1 58 71 49 93
m: +33 (0)6 34 84 57 22

Agnes Rousseau

Agnès Rousseau

Freight and Logistic Underwriting Leader
t: +33 (0)1 58 71 41 71
m: +33 (0)6 62 80 71 93

Caroline Lesimple

Caroline Lesimple

Marine Cargo Underwriter
t: +33 (0)1 58 71 41 64
m: + 33 (0) 775 25 42 93

Nicolas Blanchet

Nicolas Blanchet

Hull & Subsea Underwriter
t: +33 (0)1 58 71 49 96